And The Winner Is…..

Pole and Aerial classes are absolutely
buzzing right now.

So many new faces and lots of people
returning after a busy start to the year.

So the other day I announced the winner of
our Handstand February contest.

Member Catherine won with her picture getting
105 likes. Well done Catherine you get a FREE
one to one training session with one of our

We are now well underway with Back Arch

So basically any shape whether it’s on or off
the pole where your back is an arched

Already we have so many amazing shapes and
positions showing up on the Fan page.

Again we will be giving away a FREE one to
one training session worth up to £40 for the
person that get’s the most likes on their

All you have to do to enter is post your back
arch picture on the Fanpage and use the
#ecnbackarchmarch in the comments. The get
sharing your picture and get your friends to
like it.

We will also re-share it on the fanpage wall
for all to see.

So get going and get posting your amazing

And if you haven’t even been to an ECN session
yet, what the hell are you holding out for??

Enter your email in the box to the right and
register to get your first session for FREE

Emma ‘Not So Bendy’ Colsey-Nicholls

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