Want A Strong Toned Body Without Being Bored To Death At The Gym?

The Key To Getting In Awesome Shape Is Finding A Workout You Enjoy….

And This Is It….

emma Get fit and tones with your sexy new hobby, make new friends and have fun working out instead of being stuck on the treadmill getting nowhere fast

Pole Dancer Crash Course:

Our 6 week crash course is designed with beginners in mind. As with any type of training you are going to get far better results if you are training more that once a week. Our experienced coaches will guide and support you, teaching you all you need to know starting right at the beginning. We help you build strength, balance and flexibility even if you are currently feeling unfit, weak and seriously lacking in upper body strength.

You only improve through practice and that is what we will help you with.

We know that it can be damn hard when you first set out on the pole or in aerial because it’s not your average workout. You are using completely new movements, relying on your upper body and core muscles a LOT!! In fact you are probably wondering if you will ever be able to accomplish any of the moves that you see the others in class performing with such grace and control.

I’ve also had a lot of emails recently frompeople saying how they would LOVE to start pole but are worried about their lack of upper body strength and some that have even asked if they should lose weight before trying pole.

Hell to the NO!!!

That is what pole is there for. To help you get stronger and help you get leaner. But most of all to finally find a workout that is damn good fun. We have all been beginners at one point. Pole is a full body workout, anyone who has ever been to a class will know that as you can feel every single muscle the next day, in places you didn’t even know you had muscles.

This is why it’s SO effective in helping you change and improve your body shape, you just have to get started.


What Our Customers Are Saying:


Pole has completely changed my body shape, and I love it so much it didn’t even feel like I was working out. It made me want to eat healthier and it has completely changed my body shapeCatherine

So I don’t know if any of you guys have seen any old photos of me but I was pretty chunky! I’d already lost quite a bit of weight before I started pole but pole has definitely helped me a lot and it’s changed the way I feel about exercise and healthy eating! I’d just like to say I’m so glad I don’t look like this anymore!!!” Pole can change your life in more ways that oneNikki  pole2








What You’ll Get When You Sign Up Today:


    • Get access to 2 pole or aerial hoop sessions a week for 6 weeks
    • Choose sessions from the timetable to fit with your schedule
    • Get access to our abs project cook book to get the best possible results from your training

    Choose two classes from the following session times

    • Monday 5.30 – Beginners Pole
    • Wednesday 7.30 – Aerial Hoop
    • Thursday 6.30 – Beginners Pole
    • Friday 7.30 – Aerial Hoop
    • Saturday 10.30am – Beginner/Intermediate Pole

    You can start your crash course at any time and as a special bonus we are throwing in a copy of the Abs Project cook book. Get toned, get lean in time for summer




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