Getting Back In The Saddle

Last week saw the return of some old faces
that decided to get back to doing something
they enjoy and got back on the pole.

It’s easy to get out of the habit, life shows
up and throws a spanner in the works.

It’s fine we all do it.

But remember why you started in the first

It’s something you enjoy doing, embracing
movement and oh embrace the burn and pole
kisses too hahaha.

So I’m sure there will have been some achy
bodies this week as our 2nd crash course
kicked off.

It’s awesome to see so many new faces too as
well as those returning.

Certainly adding to the already bussing
atmosphere as we are now in the final run up
to the show.

Ahhhhh I actuallt can’t believe it’s now so

It’s next Saturday so make sure you all have
your tickets BOOK HERE

Now lets have more of the same awesomeness
this week.

Book your sessions HERE for the week ahead.


PS- if you haven’t been for a while, what are
you waiting for. Get back to it now!!

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