How The Hell Did That Happen?

So as I went to make an mate date I turned to
my diary and was like, wholly sh!tballs it’s
February next week.

Like seriously, how the hell did that happen?

Well probably because I have spent ½ of
January on my holidays and having an epic
time, but hey!

I know there are some of you who may have
also been a little slow in getting going with
your fitness and nutrition goals.

I get it, and don’t feel bad about it, you
are not alone

Now it’s just the time to make the decision
for action, because you know what??

Before you know it that one month of the year
has turned into 10, and we are nearly at Xmas
and you are STILL promising to start again
next year.

In fact despite the normal trend of gyms
being super busy in January, our peak months
actually being in March.

This is the time that the weather starts to
get a little warmer and the thought of
shedding of layers and exposing skin as
summer holiday become your focus.

Well that is the trend for most people that
crash diet year after year and NEVER end up in
any better shape or any happier.

You see we work with educating our members
and they realise that fitness and health is
not just about crash dieting and restriction
in the run up to an event, only to put it all
back on again.

Training regularly and eating right is a life
long habbit that when done consistently can
lead to a happier lifestyle and one that you
are filled with energy and can feel good
about your body.

We also know that sometimes it can be great
to have a little kick start so I have just
the thing for you.

I have put together our Abs Project cook
books and a full 28 day nutrtion guidance

So you get the hard copy of the Abs project
cook book

Plus the hard copy of the veggie edition cook

You will then get the 28 day planner which
includes all your nititional information,
motivation, tracking and meal planners to get
you started RIGHT NOW.

Summer bodies are made in the winter and the
time to start looking lean and feeling
confident in your body is NOW.

Grab this amazing package for just £27 and
get started Monday.

You will get your download instantly and the
you just have to pop into the studio to grab
your cook books and you are good to go.

CLICK HERE to buy now.

Emma ‘Here To Help’ Colsey-Nicholls

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