It’s Here

What the….

I know it seems like a bit of a random thing,
but in pole circles handstand February has
been going for a good few years now.

It’s basically a month where people do
handstands every day then post and share
their pictures. Making pretty shapes in
obscure places. Bags of fun haha.

And this time I’m saying not just for our
pole peeps either.

You see as I did gymnastics as a kid,
handstands are like one of my favourite
things ever.

Hanging around upside down for one thing is
tons of fun and even as an adult I think all
that blood rushing to your head keeps you


Handstands are also excellent for building
strength, core control, balance, helping to
maintain strong healthy joints plus the fact
that doing cool moves on your hands is also
pretty badass.

I know that there will be some of you that
are completely freaked out by the thought of
doing handstands in a class, in front of
people. Your worst nightmare right?!?!

I know this because every time I teach
handstands there are moans and groans and
some down right reffusals to do them.

BUT stay with me here

Being the encouraging, won’t take no for an
answer type of person with a little work and
practice there are so many of our ‘HATE
HANDSTAND’ members, and believe me there have
been many, that have finally embraced the
upside downess and have managed such huge

And this is why I love what I do.

When I see a person who was literally
petrified of being upside down finally get to
the place where they feel slightly ok about

Because that is a huge achievement, to do
something scary and just get on with it,
break through those fears and achieve
something that they thought they never could.

Because when you start doing stuff like that
in classes you can start doing more in all
other walks of life

That my freiends is what improvement is

So get your asses into class this month, we
will be teaching handstands from the very
basic beginner stuff where you don’t even
have to take your feet off the ground, to
walking around on your hands and making crazy
shapes awesomeness.

We got something for all levels

BOOK your class HERE and yes I will be
teaching them in both fitness and pole

We are also going to be running a competition
on our facebook page, and we want to see your
handstands. All you need to do is take a
picture of you doing your handstands, upload
it onto the fan page and then we will add it
into our album.

Then the picture at the end of the month with
the most likes will win a FREE personal
training session. We are giving away one for
pole and one for fitness.

So if you have no idea how to do handstand,
make sure you get to a class so we can teach
you how to do it safely.

Then you can get practicing and taking pics
to be in with a chance of winning.

Let’s go BOOK NOW

Emma ‘Upsidedown Is More Fun’ Colsey-Nicholls


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