No Regrets

It was the morning before race day, and I
tell ya there was some pretty nervous energy
in the air.

And it wasn’t just me, although I did have
about 5 poo’s before I could leave the

Yep there is nothing like the preparation for
a Spartan race to get your digestive system

Despite all the fear we SURVIVED and I would
even go as far as saying that everyone
enjoyed it.

Well possibly not at the time, but the
feeling of accomplishment once you have
achieve something like that is pretty

Cheryl very almost didn’t make it at all.

She had been telling herself all the reasons
that she couldn’t possibly do it.

She wasn’t fit enough, couldn’t run far

As we also did some ski-ing and snowboarding
she was worried that she would get left
behind, or die on the mountain.

Now there was a slight incident where a few
of them did get rescued off the mountain BUT
everyone did survive the weekend.

I am so damn proud of each and every one of
the guys that took part and we had the most
amazing weekend and lots of laughs

And you know what?? what we experienced this
weekend will stay with us forever.

I have created some amazing memories and
every experience just helps to make you grow
stronger and more awesome.

I also personally learnt from this event that
what I thought was taking us to the next level
is actually just the beginning.

You see I love to have things in place that
challenge me, and learning that it goes
beyond the beast distance of 20k

There is a beast ultra
(42km), a hurricane and a death race to work towards

Now those are not going to be for everyone
but, there IS a Spartan race for ALL levels no
matter how fit you are right now

As this run was just after Christmas I have
been far from in peak condition

BUT it has made me want to push myself a
little further for the next one.

If you want to start adding in some
challenges to your fitness, or just to give
yourself something to aim for and would like
to come and join us on our next Spartan
adventures the CLICK HERE and request access
to the Spartan group as I will post all
updates in there.

We will also be helping you with your
training and preparation.

Despite any fears you may have about not
begin good enough, fit enough doing something
that scares you builds great character and
memories of experiences that you will not

Maybe right now your first challenge is to
just get yourself into our sessions on a
regular basis.

Maybe you just want to get a little fitter
and tone up.

We all have to get started somewhere, it just
takes that very first step, and that is what
we are passionate about helping our members

Helping you to realise just what you are
capable of when you get out of your own way.

And of course not forgetting our pole peeps.

Again it starts with just getting into

Maybe you would like to add some additional
challenges this year.

Maybe a competition, maybe taking part in
this year’s showcase?

Just take the first step, and we can help you
with the rest.

And a message I have literally just read from
Brian Grasso says it all

“Nothing you REALLY want in life will ever be

Don’t sit still because uncertainty scares

In the end fu*k up’s are just lessons but
regret is final”

Emma ‘No Regrets’ Colsey-Nicholls

PS – Stop putting it off and get started now,
you will always be glad you did. CLICK HERE
and book your next session.

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