She Finally Did It

I got a post from one of our fitness member
that made me actually smile from ear to ear.

You see this member has been asking me little
questions about pole for ages.

I could see she was tempted.

I even offered to give her a free trial
session (more than on one occasion) yet she
still kept putting it off.

I don’t know her exact fears and stories that
she was telling herself, but I hazard a guess
that they were something along the lines of:

What if I can’t do it?

What if I look stupid?

What if everyone else is better?

What if everyone else is skinnier than me?

What if I fall??

So yeah, I can totally see why those thoughts
pass through a persons mind. It happens all
the time, in fact it’s the what if’s that
hold us back in most things that we want in
life. The fear of just not being good enough.

Not just in pole fitness, I see it in any
form of fitness.

So instead of focusing on the negatives what
of you could just for one minute focus on the
possibilities of the postives.

What if I love it?

What if it changes my life?

What if it changes my body?

What if I made a whole bunch of new fitness

And with this is love this quote that comes
to mind

“What if I fall?

Bot oh my darling what if you fly?

You never know until you pluck up the balls
to just GO DO it, just get started, take that
first step.

It may be the very first step of an
unforgettable journey.

Here is what Becky said after she finally
faced the fear

“I DID IT!!!!
FINALLY, after God know how long of bottling
it and finding excuses I finally came to my
first pole class!!
Everyone was lovely and I’m definitely going
to come back!!
I know it’s not the prettiest picture in the
world but I’m so chuffed I finally stepped
out of my comfort zone!”

Emma ‘Fitness Journeys Are Awesome’

PS – Don’t forget that if you love what we do
and want to become a ECN member on your
fitness journey email us and we can talk
more about what you are looking for.

PPS- We also have our next beginners
pole/aerial crash course starting this coming
Monday the 18th. Find out more HERE

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