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Instead of buying chocolates and crap people don’t really want for their birthdays or any other special occasion, why not give them something they will actually use? Give the gift of Health and Fitness.

Designed with professional dancers and pole tricks in mind the XPERT incorporates all the features required to meet the demands of the world’s best. Bottom loading no longer is a ladder needed for installation, the XPERT uses X-Poles unique OEM adjuster system to expand and fully lock the pole in position, whilst the dancer stays firm on the ground. No locking nut to come undone. The XPERT also incorporates a special adjuster cover which when in place, creates a totally smooth pole from top to bottom. No Sharp pole edge or screw adjuster to scrape arms and legs, no cover edges to hit, just smooth pole all the way. It even features a micro base for minimum contact.Developed with beginner pole dancers in mind, whilst also being suitable for professional the SPORT is extreemly sturdy as well as being easy to install and use. incorporating the revolutionary new x-joint, assembly and installation of the SPORT very quick, enhanced further by it’s bottom tightening adjustor which means no ladders. With features and technology far in advance of many more expensive poles the SPORT is the perfect starting point for any newcomer to pole dancing.



ECN Pole Fitness

A single pole fitness class pass allows you to drop in at any Pole class. Check out the timetable for days/times. This can be used for our Beginners courses or our mixed ability classes. You can purchase a 6 week Pole course for just £48. This can be used for our Beginners courses or our mixed ability classes.