So I don’t know if any of you guys have seen any old photos of me but I was pretty chunky! I’d already lost quite a bit of weight before I started pole but pole has definitely helped me a lot and it’s changed the way I feel about exercise and healthy eating! I’d just like to say I’m so glad I don’t look like this anymore!!!” Pole can change your life in more ways that one. Our members area also provides guidance and support to help you improve your diet too.



Pole has completely changed my body shape, and I love it so much it didn’t even feel like I was working out. It made me want to eat healthier and it has completely changed my body shape.

Catherine , - Blackpool
I started pole as something different to a bog standard gym, I also suffered from IBS, which I hardly suffer from now. BIG difference. Yes starting pole was scary and having my bestie there with me did help, it is awesome, everyone is awesome. I’m inspired and in awe of you all.

”Hannah” , ”Blackpool”